Service Type

  • Analog PBX Line
  • ISDN
  • Internet Access

Wireless Internet

Free Wifi (Wireless Internet) is available in the Chick Hearn press room, inside the Arena bowl and the Upper Press Level for anyone who has wireless capability on their computer.

Event Production Telephone Service

Upon request, telephone service can be placed anywhere in the arena. Lines can be restricted/unrestricted to any specification.


Single POTS telephone line: $150.00 - 7 days before event
$250.00 - 6 days or less
$35.00 per additional day
Dry Pair: $100.00
ISDN: $230.00 - 1st day
$25.00 per additional day
Shared Internet Access: $250.00 Installation & 1st day
$100.00 per additional location
$250 per additional day

For dedicated bandwidth requests, please contact the Event Manager

*please note, the rates represented are for general planning and subject to change with production. 

**All usage charges incurred on unrestricted telephone service are due in full, post event and are the responsibility of the party who requested the service.


To order any telecommunication services, please contact the Event Manager.