STAPLES Center has an agreement with IA Local 33 I.A.T.S.E (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees) to provide employees for production related work on the property. 

See below for the basic breakdown of the guidelines that govern our contract with the Union. STAPLES Center is a “departmentalized” facility which divides up the work into departments. These departments have restrictions on the use of labor. All departments will unload all gear, push or move it around the job site, but when the workforce has been divided and departmentalized, they are only allowed to work in their specific department. 

Main Departments


Scenic elements, building of truss, any rigging (hanging of motors), building of temporary stages provided by an event or an outside vendor (Staples Center’s stage/decking will be set up by the facility’s operations department), tour provided barricades, behind stage facility’s black drapes, and use of the upper concourse drapes. 


Power distribution, lighting equipment set up, spotlights, focusing of lights, temporary power (generators), video elements (if controlled by lighting like low-resolution LED), putting together truss if lights are already installed on them, camera utilities. 


Per the agreement, the video department is part of the Electric Department. This includes projectors, video walls, cameras, video cable runs. Must be activated with an assistant but can pull from the electric department.


Speakers, soundboards, communication equipment, mics, and mic cables. 


Furniture (couches or chairs that are provided by the event), backline equipment (band equipment like drums and keyboards), tour provided pipe and drape (floor supported drape not hung from truss or motors), music stands, and stage marley.

Other Departments


If an event/show has active pyrotechnics, confetti or uses gas for the show, at least one pyro from the department must be on the call.


Riggers are from the Carpentry department but are a separate call.  They are not considered part of the general carpentry call.


Pusher are from the Prop department and can switch from Prop to Pushers at any time.

Truck Loaders

Truck Loaders are from the Carpentry department but can only load or offload trucks

Fork Lifts

  • Must remain on a forklift at all times
  • STAPLES requires all shows to order minimum of 2 forks for all stage shows

Department Breakdown


  • Each Department has one head of the department.  They are the liaisons between the event/show and the Local 33 staff that are called in for their respective departments. They are not to be considered part of the working call.
  • Departments with Heads:  Carpentry, Electric, Sound and Props
  • Heads are required to be on from load in through load out.

Assistant Heads

  • Each Department has at least one assistant from the department.  They assist with the Heads of the department with maintaining the work.  Assistants are part of the working call.
  • Departments with Assistants:  Carpentry, Electric, Video, Sound, Props and Pyro
  • Assistants are required to be on from the load in through load out.

General Worker

  • These are the workers under each department head and assistants.
  • STAPLES Center requires that all heads and assistants are on the show call for all events.

Jurisdiction Outside Of The Building

  • The Local 33 Agreement covers all of STAPLES Center.
  • For events/shows outside of STAPLES Center (i.e., Chick Hearn Court), please contact the Event Manager.


  • STAPLES Center does not mark up any pay rates for Local 33.

  • Due to the amount of events that take place in a given week at STAPLES Center, there may be events/shows which may increase the amount of the pay rate. For the most part, this only affects the Heads and Assistants on sporadic occasions:

    • Work in excess of forty (40) hours in any workweek is considered Overtime (Monday – Sunday)

    • Work on the seventh consecutive day on the same attraction regardless of work week or payroll week is considered Overtime.

General Rules

Minimum Hours

  • Rock and Roll Shows/Concerts
    • Six (6) hour minimum call on the IN
    • Four (4) hour minimum call on the SHOW
    • Four (4) Hour minimum call on the OUT
  • All other Events (Sports, Film Shoots, Wrestling, etc.)
    • Four (4) hour minimum call
  • After 8 hours of work the crew will be paid time and one half
  • After 12 hours of work the crew will be paid double time
  • All Calls MUST be made on the hour and half hour

Early/ Late Calls

Calls beginning between the hours of 12:00am and 5:30am will be paid at one and one-half (1 ½x) times the base rate of pay.  Such payment will be for the actual hours worked between 12:00am and 6:00am.  The base rates of pay will be in effect after 6:00am.


  • After five (5) hours of continuous work, all Local 33 shall receive a one (1) hour break for a meal, if no meal is provided.  Local 33 shall receive a one-half (1/2) hour break if a hot meal is provided.  If no meal break is provided after five (5) hours of continuous work, a meal penalty may incur.
  • Each meal break shall be preceded by a paid wash up period which shall not exceed ten (10) minutes.
  • A 15 min break is required every two and one-half (2 ½) hours
  • In the event Local 33 works no longer than six (6) hours, and have completed their work for the day, they are not required to take a meal break nor be entitled to receive a meal penalty.
  • Expect about 15 mins. after the crew is cut to sign out>
  • If Local 33 is required to report back to work for the same event in less than eight (8) hours from the time they were dismissed, Local 33 will be paid at one and one-half (1 ½ x) times the prevailing rate for the first eight (8) hours of their shift and two (2x) times the prevailing rate for all hours after eight (8).

*STAPLES Center has an agreement with Theatrical Wardrobe Union, Local 768 to provide employees for the following: Maintaining, cleaning, dyeing, pressing, sorting, handling, distributing, hanging, unpacking, repacking, repairing, altering, transporting and the general supervision of all items of costumes, wardrobe and costume-wardrobe accessories, and assisting in the dressing of and making changes for all performers.  For more information and rates, please contact the Event Manager.