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Can I bring in an outside caterer for my event?

There is no outside food or drink allowed inside STAPLES Center during an event. Levy Restaurants can assist with placing a catering order for your Event Suite.

Martha Neri

Catering Sales Manager

Levy Restaurants


[email protected]

Are signs allowed in Event Suites?

Small signs and displays that are not visible from the seating bowl can be brought into the suite with prior approval, as long as they comply with STAPLES Center size regulations. Signs cannot be attached to the walls, countertops or any other surface in the suite. Contact your STAPLES Center account representative if you have specific signage requests for your Event Suite.

Can I bring in branded items for my company to give away at our event?

Branded items are allowed inside your Event Suite during the event as long as they do not contain any items on the STAPLES Center prohibited items list www.staplescenter.com/guest-services/a-z. Please note: any items brought into STAPLES Center during the event are subject to a security screening/search. If you plan to bring branded items into the arena for your event, contact your STAPLES Center account representative at least 2 business days in advance of the event to ensure we are able to accommodate your specific request/items.

Are birthday cakes allowed in the suite?

In some cases, a birthday cake may be brought in to enjoy in your suite. Please contact Levy Restaurants in advance of your event if you plan to bring in a birthday cake to make sure it can be accommodated.

Martha Neri

Catering Sales Manager

Levy Restaurants


[email protected]

Can I meet one of the players or coaches before the game?

As you might imagine, our teams are very busy preparing for competition during the entire day leading up to any game, so access to players and coaches is extremely limited on game days. For this reason, we do not offer any opportunities to meet the players or coaches before (or after) a game.

I want to do a short presentation in my suite before my event. Is this possible?

STAPLES Center does not have access to conference rooms on game days. Please work with your STAPLES Center representative for any presentation needs. Many times, we can help host the presentation right there in your suite OR make use of a variety of spaces on our LA LIVE campus prior to the game.

Do you have directions I can send my guests to help them get to the suite on the day of the event?

Driving directions and parking information can be found on the STAPLES Center website Getting Here section. To access the suite once you have parked, you may use one of two VIP entrances to STAPLES Center. The Star Plaza VIP entrance is located next to the TeamLA store near the DTLA Sports Bar & Grill. The SW VIP Entrance is on the opposite side of the arena, next to the West Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center. Both entrances allow access to all suite levels and Event Suite locations. If you need help locating the VIP Entrances once you arrive, there are a number of STAPLES Center Guest Services Representatives outside the arena on event days that can help direct you to the right place – just look for the purple shirts!

I didn’t order any catering before the event. How can I set something up on the spot?

In certain cases, a limited ‘Day of Event’ menu can be arranged in your suite when you arrive. Using the phone in your suite, you can call the Levy pantry and speak with someone who can set up an order for you. Keep in mind, our event suites require a bartender to be in the suite if any alcoholic beverages are being served, so it’s important to pre-order your catering and alcoholic bar options with at least 2 business days’ notice to make sure your suite is properly staffed on the day of the event.

What does ‘SRO’ mean?

SRO stands for ‘standing room only’. In most cases, your suite is able to accommodate additional tickets beyond the 12, 20, or 24 tickets included with your suite purchase. These extra tickets are deemed ‘standing room only’ (SRO) and can be purchased at any point leading up to the event through your STAPLES Center account representative, or at the VIP will call window on the day of the event. All suites include a number of barstool in addition to the 12, 20, or 24 arena style seats to accommodate these guests. Only the account holder.

Our group is arriving together on a bus. Where can we drop off?

There is a bus/limo loading zone located on Figueroa Street just south of 11th St./Chick Hearn Court on the west side of the street. Limited numbers of bus parking passes are also available for purchase at certain games/events. If you would like to purchase a bus parking pass for your group, contact your STAPLES Center account representative.

Is catering included with my suite purchase?

Catering, parking, and additional SRO tickets are not included with the suite rental cost in most cases.

One of my guests left a personal item in the suite at our event last night. How do I contact lost and found?

Our Guest Services team can assist with any lost and found inquiries. You can submit a request to be contacted on the Contact Us page

How do I get the dessert cart to stop by my suite during an event?

The best way to ensure the dessert cart will stop by your suite during an event is to request it through Levy Restaurants with your catering order at least 1-2 business days in advance.

I want to create custom invitations with my company logo and the Lakers/Clippers/Kings/Sparks logo. Can you provide an official image I can use?

Due to copyright restrictions, team logos and player images cannot be used in any way without the consent of the individual teams and STAPLES Center. We do not provide images or logos to be used on private event invitations, marketing materials or signage.

Can my group tour the locker room before a game?

Due to the varying schedules of the teams on game days and for security reasons, we do not currently offer any access to the team locker rooms/training areas inside the arena before, during or after games.

How do I get into Hyde Lounge during an event?

Access to Hyde Lounge during events varies due to limited capacity, nightly reservations and private events. The best way to find out availability is to contact your STAPLES Center representative 1-2 days prior and check availability. To find out availability during a given night…, simply go to the Hyde check-in area outside the main entrance to the club, located on suite level C. The on-site hosts will let you know details for entry and any applicable cover charges/minimums for that night. Hyde opens one hour prior to the event start time for most events. Keep in mind Hyde has a strict dress code and is a 21+ venue.

How do I make a reservation to watch a game or concert in Hyde Lounge?

We offer a number of reserved seating options in Hyde for parties of 2-250 for most events. For details on reserved seats for parties of 2-4, tables for parties of 6, and Hyde suite rentals and private events for larger groups, please contact your STAPLES Center Representative or visit the Hyde Lounge page.

How early can I access my suite on the day of an event? How late can our group stay after the event is over?

VIP entry and access to suites begins 2 hours prior to game time for NBA and NHL games, while the entry time for concerts and special events can vary. Typically, you will be able to access your suite 60-90 minutes prior to the event start time for concerts and special events. Your STAPLES Center account representative can confirm entry timing as your event approaches. After an event has concluded, STAPLES Center security will immediately begin to clear all seating areas including suites.

Where can I smoke during an event?

Smoking (including electronic cigarettes) and the use of smokeless tobacco products is not permitted in the arena at any time. A smoking section is available on the City View Terrace outside patio. City View Terrace is located on the Upper Concourse and can be accessed from the stairs outside of suite C-53.

Can I order Kosher meals for my suite?

Levy Restaurants knows just what it takes to make an event memorable for you and your guests! Choose from a selection of chef designed packages or customize your own order from our a la carte food & beverage menu and leave the rest to us! Our dedicated Levy Restaurants representatives will assist with all of your catering needs.


Please contact our catering sales manager, Martha Neri, with any questions regarding catering packages and menu selections.


Martha Neri

Catering Sales Manager

Levy Restaurants


[email protected]

Are kids allowed in Event Suites?

Yes. There is no age minimum to be in a suite during an event as long as you have a ticket for that suite, however, you must be 21 or older with valid ID to consume alcohol in a suite. Children 2 and under do not need a ticket to enter STAPLES Center.

Other questions?

Email [email protected] or contact your STAPLES Center account representative.