Flash Seats are mobile tickets you use with the AXS app – no paper tickets required – and they make getting in easier than ever.

Receiving Your Tickets

Your order will be placed with the Flash Seats method of delivery. The tickets will be sent to your email address.

Transferring Tickets

No need to hand-deliver tickets or place tickets in Will Call – quickly transfer tickets.

  1. Open the AXS app
  2. Click the Transfer button next to the event
  3. Select the tickets to transfer and enter the recipient's information
  4. On the review page, click the Transfer button to send the tickets

If the recipient has an AXS account, they'll receive the tickets right away. Otherwise, they'll need to create an AXS account to claim the tickets. And they'll need the AXS mobile app to use the tickets. 

Entering Events

With Flash Seats as your method of delivery, using your tickets is super simple. 

Using The App

  1. Get the AXS mobile app if you haven't already.
  2. Open the app and sign in to see your tickets.
  3. Show the tickets in the app at the gate and get them scanned to enter

Using a Credit Card

Swipe the credit card used for purchase to get through the gate. 

Add a Credit Card to Your Account

  1. Go to and login
  2. If no credit card is on file, you will be prompted to add one in.
  3. if you need to update a credit card, select account and identification to enter a credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AXS Ticketing?

AXS Ticketing is an ID-based digital ticketing system that allows you to enter an event through your AXS App. It also gives you the ability to transfer your tickets to anyone at any time and sell seats seamlessly via the AXS Marketplace.

Are digital tickets secure?

AXS Tickets are extremely secure. Your tickets will only be associated with your account. Unless you transfer or resell your tickets, only you can access them. By reducing paper tickets, we are also reducing the possibility of stolen, lost and fraudulent tickets.

What if I want to enter the building and my guest hasn't arrived?

If you have two tickets on your AXS account and want to enter before your guest arrives, simply transfer one of the tickets to them via the AXS App prior to the event. They can quickly accept the ticket on their mobile device and enter the building using the AXS App when they enter.

What happens if my AXS App doesn't work and I can't get into the gate?

If you have issues with the app, or any issues at all entering the arena, please visit the STAPLES Center Box office (Window 1 or 2) for resolution.